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Smart & Connected Factory
Process Automation

Auto Loading & unloading of parts

Implemented in Assembly line for Terminal pressing, Yoke crimping, etc.

ASRS – Vertical storage

ASRS (Automated Storage and Retrieval System) Vertical storage in plants.

Sensors for Auto ON & OFF

Implemented in Assembly line through sensors for End–Of-Line machines.

Servo presses with load & displacement

Servo presses are used with built-in distance and load measurement and control features. Additional hardware and high-end PLC needed to incorporate the features are avoided.

Auto in-process inspection

Vision based checking implemented in assembly lines for Quality assurance.

Machine Learning & AI

Digital Production Monitoring System

  • Barcode traceability
  • Process interlocking – No Fault Forward
  • Live instruction for operating sequence
  • Critical parameter monitoring (Air Pressure, Temperature, etc.)
  • Error display for easy diagnosis

Micro SOP- (Video & Audio) & E-Learning

  • Digital Process / Machine operating procedure for 45 common processes
  • Training for new employees and those shifted from other areas
  • Standardized training module to all employees
  • Visual training is easy to understand and visualize the working method
Smart Quality & Maintenance

SQL Based traceability

Barcode Traceability and Data storage for warranty time implemented in assembly lines.

Digital check sheets
On screen check sheet and Auto entry of parameters in Assembly lines.
Manual parameter entry are ensured error free and within the program limits.
Online verification – Set-up & Poka-yoke
Auto Set-up verification at start of shift and changeover in Assembly lines.
Auto Poka-Yoke verification in Assembly line to prevent any error in functioning and early detection.
Robotic Process Automation

6 Axis Assembly Robot

  • 6 axis robot with 8 kg payload capacity and 963 mm reach
  • Installed in assembly line for operating Dynamic torque test station & Leak test station
  • Can be used for Pick-n-Place, Assembly, Machine Tending, Vision Inspection, Soldering, Dispensing, Screw fixing, Packaging, Part Transfer.

4 Axis SCARA Robot

  • 4 axis SCARA robot with 10 Kg payload capacity and 600 mm reach
  • Installed in assembly line for Pointer pressing process
  • This SCARA robot can be used for Part transfer, Soldering, Dispensing, machine tending, Screw Fixing, etc.