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Smart & Connected Factory
Process Automation

Auto Loading & unloading of parts

  • Implemented in Assembly line for Terminal pressing, Yoke crimping, etc.
  • ASRS – Vertical storage

  • ASRS (Automated Storage and Retrieval System) Vertical storage in plants.
  • Sensors for Auto ON & OFF

  • Implemented in Assembly line through sensors for End–Of-Line machines.
  • Servo presses with load & displacement

  • Servo presses are used with built-in distance and load measurement and control features. Additional hardware and high-end PLC needed to incorporate the features are avoided.
  • Auto in-process inspection

  • Vision based checking implemented in assembly lines for Quality assurance.
  • Machine Learning & AI

    Digital Production Monitoring System

    • Barcode traceability
    • Process interlocking – No Fault Forward
    • Live instruction for operating sequence
    • Critical parameter monitoring (Air Pressure, Temperature, etc.)
    • Error display for easy diagnosis

    Micro SOP- (Video & Audio) & E-Learning

    • Digital Process / Machine operating procedure for 45 common processes
    • Training for new employees and those shifted from other areas
    • Standardized training module to all employees
    • Visual training is easy to understand and visualize the working method
    Smart Quality & Maintenance

    SQL Based traceability

  • Barcode Traceability and Data storage for warranty time implemented in assembly lines.
  • Digital check sheets

  • On screen check sheet and Auto entry of parameters in Assembly lines.
  • Manual parameter entry are ensured error free and within the program limits.
  • Online verification – Set-up & Poka-yoke

  • Auto Set-up verification at start of shift and changeover in Assembly lines.
  • Auto Poka-Yoke verification in Assembly line to prevent any error in functioning and early detection.
  • Robotic Process Automation

    6 Axis Assembly Robot

    • 6 axis robot with 8 kg payload capacity and 963 mm reach
    • Installed in assembly line for operating Dynamic torque test station & Leak test station
    • Can be used for Pick-n-Place, Assembly, Machine Tending, Vision Inspection, Soldering, Dispensing, Screw fixing, Packaging, Part Transfer.

    4 Axis SCARA Robot

    • 4 axis SCARA robot with 10 Kg payload capacity and 600 mm reach
    • Installed in assembly line for Pointer pressing process
    • This SCARA robot can be used for Part transfer, Soldering, Dispensing, machine tending, Screw Fixing, etc.