Driver Information and Connected Vehicle Solutions
Driver Information and Connected Vehicle Solutions Actuation, Control and Fluid Management Systems

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Driver Information Solution
Driver Information System (DIS) is used to indicate the instantaneous changing parameters in the vehicle such as Speed, Engine RPM, Engine Temperature, Fuel Level, Fuel Economy, Service Reminder, Phone Connect, Navigation Assist (Turn By Turn) & Various Warning Indicators at vehicle level.


LCD Clusters offers a digital monitoring of critical vehicle information in...


TFT Clusters offers a digital monitoring of vehicle information with different sizes...

Hybrid Display (TFT+LCD)

Hybrid Display Clusters offers digital monitoring of critical Vehicle...
Connected Vehicle Solution
With the increasing demand for Comfort, Safe, Entertainment and Smart vehicles, automotive OEMs are developing automobiles with Integrated Display & Infotainment Systems (Domain Controller) – systems that provide a combination of entertainment and information for an enhanced in-vehicle experience. Infotainment systems connect with the advanced technologies like ADAS systems, Telematics Units, V2V, V2X connectivity solutions, Smart Phones, etc and integrates them with each other to provide a great driving experience.

Integrated Display & Infotainment Solutions

Integrated Display is used to indicate the instantaneous changing parameters...


Solutions can help compute driver behaviour, fleet management, hour meter...
A device that responds to a physical stimulus such as heat, light, sound, pressure, magnetism, or a particular motion and transmits a resulting impulse as for measurement or operating a control.

Fuel Level Sensor Reed Type

Reed type Fuel Level Sensor with Reed switch and magnetic field technology ...

Fuel Level Sensor TFR Type

TFR type Fuel Level Sensor with Thich Film Resistance Technology is used to sense the...
Battery Management System (in collaboration with BMS PowerSafe)
The BMS (Battery Management System) is the cornerstone of any energy storage system. It is an indispensable electronic system for using and producing batteries or energy systems. It performs several basic functions as the management and optimization of the battery voltage and current in order to ensure the safety. It also have intelligent characteristic that calculate, prevent and communication the key battery information.

10S BMS (Low voltage BMS)

Ideal for small mobility application as e-bike, e-scooter and all small electric transport...

14S BMS (Mid voltage BMS)

Mid voltage BMS can be declined on 2 sub-categories : the BMS with an internal or an...

19-30S BMS (High voltage BMS)

As electrification becomes more widespread, high-voltage applications are becoming...