Actuation and Control System

Cabin Tilting System

Modern commercial vehicles are built in such a way that the engine compartment is below the driver seat so that driver will have full forward control on the vehicle during driving along the road. In case of any overhauling work, cabin need to be tilted by some means (not manually), which requires Hydraulic cabin tilt system.

Salient Features

  • EV Ready
  • Locking & Unlocking of latch with sensor as a closed loop system.
  • Direction control Valve & Non-return valve in pump.
  • Integral pilot operated Non-return valve.
  • Mechanical stay for safety.
  • Mechanical lost motion (MLM) or Hydraulic lost motion (HLM).


Working pressure : 250 bar
Bore dia. / Rod dia. : 35~40 / 20~25 mm
Push Force : 5 to 35 kN
Pull force : 5 to 20 kN
Closed length : 512 ~ 655 mm
Stroke length : 244 to 535 mm
Lost motion : 120 mm
Working Temperature : -40 to 80 °C

Vehicle Segments

Two Wheelers
Three Wheelers
Commercial Vehicles
Passenger Vehicles
Off-Road Vehicles
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