Important Notice

Protect Yourself From Fake Employment Offers

We have been reported about scammers posing as Pricol representatives or employees or using the Pricol name fraudulently. Scams like these target job seekers, prospective independent contractors, and current Pricol partners or vendors and demand money or quick action. These efforts are made via text, phone, or email using a variety of platforms, including Facebook, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, and so on. Some instances of these con incidents are:

It should be noted that we have yet to give any agency, business, or individual permission to request or collect payment to be considered for a position at Pricol Limited. Pricol does not impose any fees throughout the employment process; all hiring decisions are made solely based on merit. Please be aware that we are not legally required to abide by any employment guarantees provided by outside parties in exchange for payment. The availability of bogus messages requesting job searchers to arrange payment to meet various establishment-related charges has been brought to our attention.


At Pricol, there is never a fee for employment. Please do not reply to anyone contacting you for payment, instead, get in touch with us right away at

How can you determine whether your job offer is legitimate?

Please be aware that the offer letter and any other relevant documents can only be retrieved from if you have received an employment offer from Pricol Limited. 


Pricol, its employees, and its partners are not complicit in these frauds, and we would never demand payment in exchange for an interview or a job offer. 


Speak with your Pricol contact to verify the legitimacy of any unexpected or questionable emails or phone calls you may have received if you are a partner or contractor of Pricol Limited.