Actuation and Control System

Disc Brake

Disc brake is a hydraulic type of brake that is used for slowing or stopping of vehicles using frictional force between Pads and the Disc. When the brake lever is pressed, it actuates a small piston housed inside the calliper by hydraulic pressure. When force act on Piston, it exerts a static force on the surface of the disc brakes converting the kinetic energy of the discs into heat energy. Accordingly, vehicle is stopped or slowed down.

Salient Features

  • EV Ready
  • Replaceable Brake Pads
  • Lower Cost Maintenance
  • Reduced Brake Fade
  • Improved Stopping Power in Wet or Muddy
  • Combi-braking Performance
  • Increased Durability as Disc Brakes
  • Less Prone to Wear & Tear


Caliper Type : Fixed / Floating
Mounting on front axle                 : RH
Brake fluid compatibility : Dot 3 / Dot 4
Number of Pistons : 1/2/3
Disc Thickness : 4 mm
Disc Diameter  : 240 mm

Vehicle Segments

Two Wheelers
Three Wheelers
Commercial Vehicles
Passenger Vehicles
Off-Road Vehicles
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