Fluid Management System

Electrical Coolant Pump

The purpose of Electric Coolant Pump is to cool the components where thermal management is required. Electrical coolant pump is used to dissipate temperature from Battery, Traction motor & Controller unit on Electrical vehicles.

Salient Features

  • EV Ready
  • Demand based cooling .
  • Less power consumption.
  • Flexible mounting.
  • The stator and drive unit are isolated from coolant.
  • IP65/ IP67 compliance.
  • flexible coolant discharge port orientation.


Operating voltage : 12V (8 to 16V) & 24V (16 to 30V)
Flow range (maximum) : 7 to 110 lpm
Power range : 15 to 360 W
Head range (maximum) : 3 to 24 m
Communication : DC / PWM / CAN 2.0
Working medium : 50 / 50 of Ethylene glycol / Water


: Dry run / IP67 / Lock rotor
/ Over & under voltage / Reserve voltage

Vehicle Segments

Two Wheelers
Three Wheelers
Commercial Vehicles
Passenger Vehicles
Off-Road Vehicles
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