Fuel Level Sensor (FLS) Reed Type

Reed type Fuel Level Sensor with Reed switch and magnetic field technology is used to sense the Level of Fuel inside the tank by using array of Reed switches which is activated by a magnet integrated with a moving float that sends the signal on the float position and the corresponding Fuel level in the tank to ECU/DIS.

Salient Features

  • Occupies less working area and suitable large & linear tanks
  • Stable output which is not affected by Fuel slosh
  • Non-contact sensing with no moving parts other than Float and hence no potential mechanical failure
  • Can be Integrated with Suction & Return pipes for Fuel to the tank
  • Suitable for Vertical & Angular mounting


Operating Voltage : 12 & 24 V
Operating Temperature : 40˚C to +85 ˚C
Resistance Value Range : 4 Ω to 300 Ω(Customizable)
Sensing Height Range : 35mm to 1000mm
Resolution : 10 to 35mm

Vehicle Segments

Two Wheelers
Three Wheelers
Commercial Vehicles
Passenger Vehicles
Off-Road Vehicles
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