Fuel Level Sensor (FLS) TFR Type

TFR type Fuel Level Sensor with Thich Film Resistance Technology is used to sense the level of fuel inside the tank by using Thick Film Resistor(TFR) technology and a moving Float which sends the signal on the float position and corresponding Fuel level in the tank to ECU/DIS.

Salient Features

  • High wear resistance & low signal noise since uses multiple contacts
  • Adaptable to complex tank profile and structures
  • Can be Integrated with Fuel Pump Modules


Operating Voltage : 12 & 24 V
Operating Temperature : -40˚C to + 85 ˚C
Storage Temperature : -40˚C to + 105 ˚C
Resistance Value Range : 1 Ω to 350 Ω (Customizable)
Sensing Height Range   : 10mm to 455mm

Vehicle Segments

Two Wheelers
Three Wheelers
Commercial Vehicles
Passenger Vehicles
Off-Road Vehicles
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